Basics Of Quality Control

Most importers do not know how professional quality control is conducted. Instead of diving deep into statistical concepts, we try to explain things in the simplest way possible.

Product inspections

    Infographic: how a random inspection works

    4 simple steps for starting to do quality control

    The 4 ways of checking product quality before shipment

    Quality inspection services: in-depth descriptions

Sampling plans for product inspections

    The different types of sampling plans for QC inspections

    What is the “AQL”?

    What is an inspection level?

    Infographic: understanding sampling plan calculations

Laboratory testing

    5 tips for testing products against regulatory standards

    Laboratory testing in China: ideas for optimization

Managing inspectors

    3 tips to explain your quality standard to QC inspectors

    QC Inspectors cannot follow different quality standards

    How your inspectors can fail to notice quality problems


    Is it expensive to increase the quality level in a factory?

    QA vs. QC – what importers need to know

    Core quality tools in the automotive industry

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