Useful Templates

The templates listed below will help you work in a more organized manner. Adapt them to your particular needs!

What to prepare before production

Infographic: how to prepare a QC checklist

Template of product specifications sheet

How to prepare a quality control plan

Checkpoints to audit a factory’s quality system

ISO 9000 audit: checking a factory’s reliability

Template for factory audit (published exclusively for Global Sources)

The purchase order

What should be in a purchase order (PO)?

Guidelines for checking production

How to check the production status?

How to prepare your QC inspection report template

How to check the loading of a container?

Template for product inspection (published exclusively for Global Sources)

What to do if you find problems in production 

Procedure if a problem is detected during an in-process inspection

Procedure if a problem is detected during a final inspection

Using a corrective action plan

Troubleshooting process in a factory



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