Taking your design to production is hard work when you're a hardware startup, inventor, or SME!
The new product introduction process is particularly challenging for teams doing it for the first time. For many, the dream stops here, and the nightmare begins.

What if there were a guide that explains the steps to be followed in detail?

Good news! Over at Sofeast (QualityInspection.org author Renaud Anjoran's company), we've created such a guide for hardware startups to help take you from idea through to mass production in Asia in which we'll explore:

  • The need for preparation work between product design and production launch
  • Overview of the NPI process, from product idea to production
  • How to find a good manufacturing partner
  • Design reviews & adjustments: DFM, DTC, DFQ
  • Optimizations for lower cost and better quality
  • Small production runs before mass production
  • What is the buyer’s role in the NPI process?
  • ...and more besides

"Everything hardware startups need to know for making a new product in China and successfully bringing it to market."

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