"Use this FREE new product launch roadmap from Sofeast's China-manufacturing experts to smoothly go from just an idea to a successfully-produced first batch of your products."

This roadmap has been specially put together to guide people who are new to launching a new product to do what you need in order to reduce the risk of being among the 90%+ of projects that fail to be on time, within budget, and at the desired level of quality.

These steps are covered in the roadmap spreadsheet:

  1. Partner Selection & Verification
  2. Prototyping
  3. Pre-Production
  4. Production
  5. Supplier Development

It also includes approximate resource costs per phase and timelines so you can estimate how long your new product launch will take. Remember, you can amend the spreadsheet to fit your own project, simply using it as a guide, when you're ready to go ahead.

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Bonus: Exclusive Explainer Video!

Sofeast CEO and author of QualityInspection.org, Renaud Anjoran, has created an exclusive explainer video which talks you through the roadmap's sections and helps you to get the best out of this resource.

Every person that requests to download their free copy will also be granted access to this video too!

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