Tried-and-tested, actionable advice for importers who want to avoid common mistakes when sourcing from China and develop their suppliers there to provide better results over time.

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Read this free eBook from Sofeast CEO and author, Renaud Anjoran, which has 80+ pages of his experience gained over many years in China and advice for importers who are sourcing from Chinese suppliers.

Read this eBook and you’ll hopefully be able to avoid any issues or dead ends that even experienced importers are troubled by, saving yourself money, time, and worry at the same time! 

Not only are sourcing pitfalls outlined, but there is also a lot of information on how to develop suppliers in China once you have them in order that they become trusted partners who provide better quality over time.

Everything an importer needs to know to get started with sourcing from China.

Dive in and start exploring every aspect importers need. This eBook starts from the beginning, discussing whether you need to hire a sourcing agent, and follows the sourcing process right through to developing a trusted supplier’s quality and productivity.

There are 15 chapters to explore, and they include:

  • Do You Need a Sourcing Agent?
  • How to Identify Potential Suppliers?
  • Negotiation: The Terms You Need to Discuss
  • Check Quality Early in the Manufacturing Cycle
  • The 5 Steps to Developing a Chinese Supplier
  • How a Factory Can Improve Quality
  • ...and much, much more!

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Ultimate Guide To Sourcing From China And Developing Your Suppliers

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