Is poor product quality from your suppliers in Asia getting you down? 

Arrange a free, 'no-strings' discussion with Sofeast's quality team, where we'll discuss your situation, requirements, and offer useful, actionable advice for you moving forward. If it turns out that any of our solutions may be helpful we'll also be pleased to offer you a quotation, although there's no pressure on that score.

How Sofeast helps you

Get professional quality assurance help from Sofeast,'s author Renaud Anjoran's company.
Our quality team is on the ground in Asia and ready to augment your operations there, offering your business decades of proven results and learning.

We put in place the quality assurance systems required to minimize the likelihood of quality issues occurring, and you can use our trained eye and our methodologies to inspect products throughout the production process in order. In the end, the objective is to assure that the supplier is maintaining quality at your expected levels.

You can select only the solutions to fit your needs

We know that QA is not 'one-size-fits-all.' Every business has unique requirements, and yours is no different.
Therefore, we provide our clients with comprehensive auditing, inspection, and supplier quality engineer consulting solutions that will help put in place an effective quality assurance system, improve quality, and maintain product quality at optimal levels in the future.

  • Factory audits: Initial factory evaluation (IFE), Technical quality audit (TQA), Technical and social audit (TSA), Social compliance audit (SCA).
  • Product inspections: Production monitoring reporting (PMR), Inspection during production (DPI), Final Random Inspection (FRI), Full production check (FPC), Packing and loading supervision (PLS).
  • Quality consulting: Experienced supplier quality engineers and technicians define good specifications and implement a control plan and robust internal QC & testing processes at your supplier's factory (or your own).

If you'd like a free, confidential discussion about improving your product quality, just fill the form on this page and hit 'arrange a call with Sofeast.' We will contact you within 24 hours to arrange it at a convenient time.

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