Having issues with your suppliers in Asia? Let's talk about them.

Arrange a free 'no-strings' phone consultation with Sofeast here, and we'll explore your situation, requirements, and provide you with useful, actionable advice that you can take away and implement.

If it turns out that we're a good fit and could possibly work with you to improve your situation we'll gladly provide a quotation, although there's no sales pressure for this.


How Sofeast helps you

You'll get professional help from Sofeast's project managers, quality experts, and engineers who are on the ground all across China and Asia's key manufacturing areas ready to augment your operations there, offering your business decades of proven results and learning.

We're far more than just a 'quality inspection agency,' although we do offer a full spectrum of product inspection solutions. If something isn't working, we go in and fix it. We also train suppliers and put in place systems and processes to assure that you get the best possible results from them in future.

The Sofeast team provides extensive solutions for your project:

  • Supplier vetting, evaluation, and auditing
  • Quality assurance, on-site inspection, and production monitoring
  • Supply chain management
  • Product engineering
  • Supplier performance management
  • New product introduction (NPI)
  • Assembly, fulfillment, warehousing, and shipping
  • Independent and impartial sourcing


Solutions tailored to fit your needs

We know that every business has unique requirements, and yours is no different.
Therefore, we provide our clients with a comprehensive set of solutions that can improve all aspects of the production process, from sourcing new suppliers, to new product introduction, through to product inspections, and finally shipping to you overseas.

If you're ready to arrange a free, confidential phone consultation with Sofeast about improving your results from Chinese or Asian suppliers, just fill the form on this page and hit 'arrange my call.' We will contact you within 24 hours to arrange it at a convenient time.

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