The buyer’s checklist for the Canton Fair

Sourcing New SuppliersThe first session of the Canton Fair is opening in a few days, and a sourcing agency (the China Performance Group) just published a useful checklist for buyers who are planning to attend it.

You can download it here after registering on their website.

Here is a short except (the first few steps to complete before coming):

# Fair Invitation for your F (Business) Visa

# Fair Registration Documents: Registration can be done at the Pazhou Centre or at one of the Fair’s appointed hotels (which can save you time). Once that is done, your badge has no expiry date so you can keep it for other Fair sessions too.

  • Invitation Letter
  • A Recent Passport Photo
  • Your Passport
  • A Business Card

At the same time, CPG is releasing a white paper entitled “The Canton Fair: An Overview; The History, The Strategy, And The How-Tos”. Also available on this page.


Update 13 Apr.: an excellent complement to that white paper is this excellent article, by David Dayton.


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