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Renaud Anjoran

Hi. My name is Renaud Anjoran, and I have been writing articles on QualityInspection.org over the past 4 years.

I have worked in quality assurance & quality control in China since 2006. I noticed that foreign buyers need information about how to source quality goods from Asia. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but plenty of helpful tips to share.

I observe the challenges faced by my clients, the attitudes of the suppliers, and thousands of other little things. This is where the content for this blog comes from.

What looks good on paper seems to seldom pass reality checks in China. Isn’t it irritating and frustrating?

Fortunately, plenty of solutions have proven their value. My goal here is to equip importers with the tools that are right for them.

My team works mostly on consumer and technical products in China. But most of the advice I give here is also relevant for goods sourced in other low-cost Asian countries.

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“I had been reading Renaud’s quality inspection blog for some time when I started working with him. I knew from the depth and breadth of his knowledge of quality control and production management that he was the right partner to help me assure product quality. The team at Sofeast has been flexible and easy to deal with, and they’ve done excellent work in auditing factories as well as checking quality of shipments.”  —Callum Makkai, Business Owner (Canada)

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