Translations for communication in China

Supplier ManagementHere is one more list of Chinese translations.

The last ones were:

As usual, left column is English, middle column is spoken mandarin, and right column is written Chinese.


To ask about (inquire) Xunwen 询问
Comments (what one thinks) Pingjia 评价
Comments about… Dui … de pingjia 对…的评价
To suggest Jianyi 建议
To propose/advise Tichu 提出
To explain Jieshi 解释
To decide Jueding 决定
To solve a problem Jiejue wenti  (jieshi + jueding) 解决问题
To communicate Jiaoliu 交流
To communicate with… He … goutong 和…沟通
To discuss Taolun 讨论
To have a meeting Kai hui 开会
To understand (be clear about…) Mingbai 明白
Understand (a situation) Liaojie dao 了解到
Probably Keneng 可能
Certainly Kending 肯定
A majority of… Dabufen… 大部份
100% of … Bai fen zhi yi bai … 百分之一百…
30% of … Bai fen zhi san shi … 百分之三十…
Accurate Jingque 精确
Correct Zhengque 正确
Good idea Hao zhuyi 好主意
Actual situation shiji qingkuan 实际情况
To review the situation Fucha qingkuan 复查情况
On a case-by-case basis Zhu xiang 实际情况



To ask somebody to do something Rang … zuo … 让…做…
To request (rather formal) Yaoqiu 要求
To finalize Queding 确定
To confirm Queren 确认
To promise Chengnuo 承诺
To choose Xuan / xuanze 选/选择
Choice (noun) Xuanze 选择
No matter… Bu guan… dou 不管…都
Whether there is a problem or not Bu guan you mei you wenti 不管有没有问题


Change (actions)

To sort Tiao xuan 挑选
To repair Fangong 返工
To improve Gaijin 改进
To become Chengwei 成为
More [+adj.] Geng
Get more and more… Bian de geng [+adj] 变得更
Will be more and more… Jiang bian de geng [+adj] 将变得更
Still Haishi 还是
Hasn’t changed at all Baochi bubian 保持不变