How to check the loading of a container by a factory?

How do you ensure that the factory ships the right kind of product in the right quantity to you, when you import by full containers? By sending someone on site when they are loading the goods in the container(s).

You might send your employee. Or maybe an agent that you trust enough. Or maybe you want professionals to do it for you, and you pay for a container loading inspection by a third party.

In any case, your representative should at a minimum follow these checkpoints:

The products to ship

  • Total quantity
  • Conformity to the buyer’s requirements

The container

  • Containers are in good condition, inside and outside
  • A seal is affixed to close each container, with a unique number

Compulsory photos of the container:

  • Container seal
  • Container markings
  • General condition of the container

The loading process

  • Number of cartons to be loaded
  • Expected number of pcs per carton
  • Numbering of cartons
  • Pallets size, if applicable
  • Number of pallets, if applicable
  • No carton should fall on the ground or be damaged when factory loads the cartons

There can be many other requirements to check. For example, the importer might prepare a loading plan (to save volume)… which will not be respected by most Asian manufacturers, unless an inspector is present.