Procedure if a problem is detected during an in-process inspection

Quality Control TipsTwo years ago, I drew a flow chart to guide importers in case a final QC inspection was failed.

But the best is to detect problems during an in-process inspection (before the products are finished).

At this stage, if an issue is caught by an inspector, there are 2 objectives:

  1. To make sure the same problem won’t be present on the pieces that will go through that same process later;
  2. To make sure the pieces that already bear this problem are dealt with in the right way.

So I drew another flow chart, specifically for in-process inspections:

Re-inspection process: the flow chart

What do you think? Anything to add to this procedure?



  1. Val says

    HI Renaud!!!In my experience #3.Agree on corrective actions with factory could take some time(it depends hours or may be a whole day),while the production line still in process and making more faulty products.