Chinese translations for quality control

Quality Control TipsA few months ago I posted Useful Chinese translations for buyers going to factories and I received great feedback.

Therefore, this week I will publish some more common words/expressions. I hope it helps the “do-it-yourself” purchasers who don’t even take a translator when they go on a production floor.

Left column is English, middle column is spoken mandarin, and right column is written Chinese.

Factory audit

Factory audit Yanchang 验厂
Social compliance Shehui zeren 社会责任
Factory social audit Gongchang shehui zeren shenhe 工厂社会责任审核
Worker safety Gongren anquan 工人安全
To pay a salary Zhifu gongzi 支付工资
Payroll records Gongzi jilu 工资记录
HR department Renli ziyuan bumen 人力资源部门
Input Shuru 输入
Output Shuchu 输出


Quality control (general)

Comparison Bijiao 比较
To compare A and B A he B bijiao A和B比较
Conform Yizhi 一致
A is conform to B A he B yizhi A和B一致
Conformity Yizhi xing 一致性
Safety Anquan xing 安全性
Danger Weixian xing 危险性


Process control

Process Guocheng 过程
Process control Guocheng kongzhi 过程控制
QC during production Shengchan zhong zhiliang kongzhi 生产中质量控制
In-line inspection Zhongqi chahuo 中期查货
1st sample Di yi ge yangpin 第一个样品
Failure Shibai 失败
Reason/cause Yuanyin 原因


Product inspection

Full control Quan jian (quanbu jiancha) 全检(全部检查)
Samples (in general) Yangping 样品
Samples (from bulk production) Chanpin 产品
Random check Suiji jiancha 随机检查
Simple sampling plan Yi ci chou yang 一次抽样
Double sampling plan Liang ci chou yang 两次抽样
Level II Er ji II 级
AQL limit AQL shuiping AQL 水平
To take (samples) Chou
To pick/choose (samples) Chou xuan 抽选
Success Chengong 成功
To fail Bu chengong 不成功
Have a manager look at defects Gei guanliren kan wenti 给sb看sth
Signature Qian ming 签名


Inspection work & equipment

To fill out (a form) Tianxie (biaoge) 填写(表格)
Report Baogao 报告
Form / spreadsheet Biaoge 表格
Drawing Tuhua 图画
Adhesive tape Jiao dai 胶带
Color Yan se 颜色
Pantone book Se ka 色卡
Camera Zhaoxiang ji 照相机
Photo Zhaopian 照片
To take photos Pai zhao 拍照


What is missing?