Inspection of electronic cigarettes in China

Quality Control TipsSometimes an importer asks me what the “hot products” are at the moment.

Well, one really obvious response is electronic cigarettes. New factories making e-cigarettes pop up every month in Shenzhen.

Several people already asked me how to check this product. So here is a generic checklist that we use:

General Inspection Look for scratches, dirt and marks on the item. Look for loose or missing parts, sharp protrusions, cracks, dents. Check basic function. Count every defect in the defect list
Item Weight Check weight of item. Conforms to specs
Function Test Use item as normally intended. Check all functions and features in the manual. Functions as intended
Extended Function Check Run item for 4 hours. Functions as intended
Rub Test Rub the markings and the logo 20 times, with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol (if no alcohol is available, use oxygen water and mention it in the findings). The markings should stay the same.
Coating Adhesion Apply and remove 3M tape to paint, coatings and logos. Check for damage. No damage or discoloration.
Assembly Check Assemble per instructions. Easy to assemble, no missing pieces
Smell Test Check for unusual odor while item is on and after it is turned off. No unusual odor
Battery Check Check battery fitness, marking and rating voltage. Check production date and expiration date. Conforms to specs
Battery Charge Use fully depleted battery and charge. Insert battery into item to test. Run until battery is fully drained. Record time. Fully charged, item functions.
Stop Test Use item and then stop. Function stops right away
Accessories Check Connect any accessories that are compatible with item and check their function (PCC, USB charger, etc). Functions as intended
Fatigue Test Connect and disconnect charger, cartridge and other adjustable parts 50 times. No loss of function
PCC Check Ensure good fit of cigarettes in case. Good fit, case operates well
Atomizer / Cartomizer Replacement Check Remove piece and put in replacement. Check function. Functions as intended


Do you see any other relevant checkpoints?


  1. Guilhem says

    Battery endurance test and recharge from empty battery for example, as you know the batteries quality is puzzling. Some batteries do not recharge from completely depleted…