Useful Chinese translations for buyers going to factories

Supplier ManagementI know a few buyers who have learned a few words of Chinese. If they come often enough, they can pick up new words every time.

Here are 38 simple words and expressions that are often used, and that can help you get understood when you stay in a factory without any translater or salesperson.

I gathered them by theme (QC, factory…). Left column is English, middle column is spoken mandarin, and right column is written Chinese.


Quality control Zhiliang konzhi 质量控制
Quality level/standard Zhiliang shuiping 质量水平/标准
To check Jiancha 检查
Final quality control Zui hou zhiliang kongzhi 最终质量控制



Production takes place… Sheng chan zai … jinxing 生产在……进行
Factory Gongchang 工厂
Main factory Zong chang 总厂
Branch factory Fen chang 分厂
Canteen Shitang  /  yuangong shitang 食堂/员工食堂
Machine (general) Jiqi 机器
Department (inside a company) Bumen 部门
Packing department Zhuangxian bumen 装箱部门
Technical department Jishu bumen 技术部门
Planning department Jihua bumen 计划部门
HR department Renli ziyuan bumen 人力资源部门
Showroom Zhanshi qu  /  Chanpin zhanshi qu 展示区/产品展示区


Cartons and products:

Carton Xiangzi 箱子
Warehouse Cangku 仓库
Packing the cartons Baozhuang xiangzi = zhuangxian 包装箱子=装箱
Inner packing (polybag) Baozhuang 内包装
Outer packing (carton) Zhuangxian 外包装
Finished product Chengpin / huopin 成品
Semi-finished product Ban chengpin 半成品
Already packed products Yi zhuangxian huopin 已装箱货品
Sample Yangpin 样品
Materials Cailiao 材料
Fabric Buliao 布料
Accessories (not main material) Fuliao 辅料


Procedure and organization: 

Liucheng Procedure 流程
Fangfa Method 方法
Guiding Rule 规定
To follow the procedure Anzhao liucheng 按照流程
To follow the procedure when working Anzhao liucheng gongzuo 按照流程工作
Organize, arrange Anpai 安排
General organization Zongti anpai 总体安排
Plan (my plan is to do…) Jihua 计划
To plan (I plan to do…) Dasuan 打算
Work plan Gongzuo jihua 工作计划


Naturally, when a strong proportion of workers is from the same area, they will tend to speak their local dialect. But many of them should be able to speak in mandarin.


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